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What is the best page width for Unbounce landing pages?

Unbounce recommended page width setting

Without the ability to edit multiple breakpoints for tablets or ultra-wide screens, it's surprisingly important to get your desktop page width set right for the best user experience.

Officially, Unbounce recommends a page width between 940 and 960 pixels, which should work for most screen sizes. However, there may be a better answer.

In a world where most websites have a fully responsive page width, Unbounce is a bit restrictive and can even look "squished" on larger screens. So, we recommend a 1,200 pixel page width for a bit of extra room on the page for content.

A big caveat is that if you have historical data (Google Analytics or other analytics platform) it is best to review the most common screen sizes to ensure you're building a page that would work for the largest number of your users. Some audiences overwhelmingly use smaller laptop screens or even tablets so you'll want to ensure you're building for your specific user-base.

To segment your users by screen size in GA4, start by going to Reports > Tech > Tech Details.

GA4 tech details default screen

The default table is showing a breakdown by browser so we'll need to change that.

GA4 tech details breakdown selector

Click the dropdown arrow next to "Browser" and select "Screen Resolution".

GA4 screen resolution report for page width analysis.

Now that the table is showing users segmented by screen resolution, you'll want to ensure you're looking at a large enough sample size. The more data the better so let's widen our timeframe out to look at the last 90 days instead of the default of last 28 days.

Click the date range in the upper right of the screen to open our date range options.

Default timeframe in GA4

Then select "Last 90 Days" in the list of default options and click "Apply".

Changing timeframe in GA4 for additional page width analysis.

Now you have a last of all of the screen sizes from the last 90 days and can assess if the page width for your Unbounce landing page will be appropriate.

We like to go the extra mile and export this data to run a quick analysis. If we were going to design at our recommended page width of 1,200 pixels then we want to see how many of our users who will receive our desktop page have a width of 1,201 pixels or greater.

It's also important to note that any device with a page width wider than 600 pixels will see the desktop version of your landing page, and any device smaller than 600 pixels will see the mobile page. For this reason, we'll exclude any users with a page width smaller than 600 pixels.

Unbounce screen width analysis using GA4 data.

In our case above, we can see that nearly 88% of users will have a screen wide enough to fit the content of our 1,200 pixel page so we are good to go!


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